May 14, 2016

Why Lime Crime is Banking on Social Media to Increase Sales Volumes

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With the power of social media on the increase each passing day, businesses have not been left behind by this craze. Many are joining the bandwagon with the intent of increasing their online presence and ultimately, their sales volumes. Though regarded as a newbie in the cosmetics industry, Lime Crime has cut a niche for itself by creating a huge social media presence, which has set it apart from its competitors.

In a period not exceeding one year, the Los Angeles based beauty products giant has amassed a global following of over 2 million on social media site, Instagram. The brand gained notoriety for frequently going against the status quo to create products that come in striking shades. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doe Deere is also widely recognized as a pioneer of ecommerce in the cosmetics industry. The business model that she pioneered ensures that most of the products are sold on the company’s online platform.

Eight years since the formation of Lime Crime, the same innovation that has been behind its early success continues being improved on. This has helped it fashion a unique marketing platform that has made its products a hit across the globe. Its engaging social media pages ensure that clients are kept updated about any developments. Makeup artists are always on the lookout for any new products that come out of Lime Crime’s production line due to their ability to enhance the magnificence of whoever uses them.

While most companies use their social media pages to push their merchandise in the consumer market, Lime Crime goes against the grain by using these platforms to encourage its customers and followers to have fun. The creation of catchy hash tags on the giant online community helps increase the fun and engagement that comes along with being a follower. Followers are also encouraged to test their creativity by trying out non-conventional beauty procedures that range from conspicuous nail art to the application of beautiful lipstick that stands out.

CEO Doe Deere in Brief

She has been dubbed as a fashion revolutionist owing to her work as the CEO of the cosmetics manufacturer. She has Russian ancestry but was brought up in New York. She was inspired to start Lime Crime after discovering that many people were blindly following everything that fashion magazines dictated them to do. She also wanted to come up with products that would change peoples’ perceptions towards fashion.

Its hugely popular lipstick brands, Unicorn were the first to be inaugurated in 2012 and captured the imagination of many beauty enthusiasts. The Los Angeles resident has been described as a hands-on executive who participates in all processes involved in the manufacture of the commodities. Her time at the helm has seen the brand gain unprecedented popularity.

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