May 22, 2018

Tony Petrello’s Milestones In His Career

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Tony Petrello is an entrepreneurship, a mathematician and an expert in business law. He has lived an exemplary life that is inspirational to everyone who comes across his story about his life and the journey to success to be the person he is today. He has made a lot of achievement since his childhood until today that he is the president and the CEO of one of the largest global oil companies in the world. He is one of the highly paid Chief Executive officers in the United States.

Tony Petrello started making achievements while he was a young man. One of the best achievements he made was a scholarship by Yale University to be mentored by one of the most recognized professors in mathematics from Yale University because of his interest and passion in mathematics. He used to be recognized by the teachers and he even became famous because of his interest in mathematics that he used to solve equations even during his free time, in other words, mathematics was a hobby to him. Unfortunately, Anthony Petrello decided to choose a different career path from mathematics where he decided to study law at his higher education.

He joined Harvard University School of Law where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Law. He then went to work for one of the largest Law Firms in America where he specialized in business law. It is here where he got the interest and the urge to know more about business. While working at the firm, he worked closely with the doors company which gave him a golden opportunity to work with the Nabors as one of the senior members of the company.

He first became the chief operating officer working under the CEO of the company. His reputation and commitment towards the achievement of the goals of the company gave him another opportunity to be elected as the chairman of the Board’s Executive Committee. He continued being promoted to the higher ranks in the company until he became the president and the CEO of the company. Under his leadership, he has contributed greatly to the growth of the company.

Besides, he has made a separate philanthropic work in the community. He became one of the donors to Texas Children’s home to support poor children and also became one of the board members and also took a position on the board of trustees of the institution.

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