December 9, 2017

The Role of AI In Ecommerce Recommendation Engines

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AI has grown through leaps and bounds to become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. It has impacted several industries including ecommerce where users are now able to enjoy a smooth search experience that is aided by the recommendation engines that help them to locate products they are interested in. Major online stores like Amazon and eBay are already taking advantage of this technology to grow their sales and improve the experience of users on the sites. Personal recommendations have come with a huge positive impact on ecommerce as it has helped to highlight the personal buying habits of different individuals.

How an ecommerce recommendation engine works

Simply defined, an ecommerce recommendation engine is a system that helps you to target products to the right customers through multiple touch-points on different pages. The engine is able to learn about the tastes and preferences of a customer and will calculate the intent of the buyer so as to show relevant results through personalized recommendations. Recommendation engines have continued to grow in usefulness, and this means they are able to learn more about the things users prefer in a shorter duration, thereby allowing accurate submissions that will most likely appeal to the buyer.

Instead of combing through hundreds of records every time the user is looking to buy their preferred product, the recommendation engine makes things easier. The engine works as a filter that allows users to locate the items they want to buy, and shoppers will respond positively to an experience when it is tailored to address their tastes and preferences. Store owners also enjoy a huge benefit where visitors are able to locate what they need. An ecommerce recommendation engine will increase conversions and attract users to the site.

How ecommerce recommendation engine will boost online store profits

As pointed above, the experience users enjoy when they use a store that runs a recommendation engine is the reason they will come back for more products. If users are able to find what they want to buy with ease, the store will be earning more revenue as the engine helps to make marketing effort more efficient. Personalized merchandising helps to increase conversions. You can customize the recommendation system so each user is shown their own version of your store depending on the session information you collect about them while surfing through the site. This will help you make more sales.


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