March 3, 2016

Teen Camp Owner Jon Urbana Raises Money For Environmental Cause

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Jon Urbana appreciates the beauty of nature. A native of the Centennial State of Colorado, he recently launched a GoFundMe site in an effort to help raise $1,750 to assist in educating young people as environmental activists. The nonprofit organization Earth Force, located in Denver and 51 other communities throughout North America, strives to raise public awareness about the importance of clean energy. It promotes a more energy-independent future. As the leader of their GoFundMe campaign, Urbana promises that all of the monies raised will further the goals of the Earth Force organization.

In an official statement released on Twitter, Jon Urbana said he hopes that his efforts to assist in funding the organization will help benefit children and others residing in the Mile High City. Raised in Colorado, he grew up with a strong awareness of the magnificence of nature and the environment. Colorado boasts some stunning mountain panoramas. Many nature enthusiasts reside in our state, a center of outdoor recreation and the location of some of the most spectacular scenery in the Western United States.

When he is not helping philanthropic organizations such as Earth Force raise funds, Jon Urbana dedicates a lot of his free time to supporting other local causes. For example, he co-founded a camp dedicated to the sport of Lacrosse. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp operates each summer, and Jon Urbana helped establish it to enable teens to develop skills in the sport of Lacrosse. Youth at the camp enjoy outdoor activities that allow them to appreciate the environment. The information in article first appeared in “Jon Urbana Launched Earth Force a Beneficiary of New GoFundMe Campaign” posted at the WRCB TV website.

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