February 29, 2016

Students Are Writing Wikipedia Articles Instead of Essays

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Thanks to an initiative launched by wikiedu.org, college students can now write Wikipedia articles instead of term papers. The project is called The Wikipedia Year of Science 2016, and it allows students to write about educational topics related to science. The initiative is meant to provide an educational experience to students researching for articles, as well as fill in the content gaps that are missing in the online encyclopedia. In addition to the students demonstrating a comprehension on a subject, they are also honing their writing and critical thinking skills.

The program has been led by the nonprofit organization Wiki Education Foundation for about three years now. So far, at least 200 schools have participated in the program. Around 35,000 articles have been submitted by students from this program. The project also hopes to address the underrepresentation of women for Wikipedia’s writers. With a lack of female Wikipedia writers, there is a large gender imbalance about the number of articles about women. Wiki Ed is looking to fix this gender disparity by contributing more articles related to women and women’s studies.

Assigning students to make a Wikipedia page is a clever idea, but this only helps add content to the educational material. Wikipedia can be used for other purposes, such as business or enterprise. For example, Get Your Wiki is a site where business owners can hire Wikipedia experts to educate and inform the general public about the client’s business. Wikipedia is a website that people often use to learn more about a business and its practices, so it can potentially be a useful tool for people to market themselves and establish an online presence. 

Even though Wiki writers for hire are the best choice, there are still many who contribute to the encyclopedia for free. The Wiki Education Foundation is the main resource to organize efforts to provide free content to users everywhere.

Learn more about Get Your Wiki here: http://www.getyourwiki.com/wiki-writers-make-wikipedia-page/

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