February 15, 2016

Securus Builds Technology Platforms for Law Enforcement

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Video software is the area that Securus Technologies specializes in. This company does video monitoring and there are also popular video visitation apps available. This has become very popular in prisons, and I can see why this company is destined to grow even more. Download the Google Play app here >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en

It really takes technology to a completely new level. I have seen how this company has helped a lot of families, and I have been impressed with what this company has been able to do over the years with the law enforcement products. There are thousands of products that have been put on the market, and this company has managed to do things like provide rental tablets for inmates. That is a lot more efficient than the old school way to doing phone calls. I have friends that were once incarcerated, and I used the app to communicate with them when they were on the inside.

I think that Securus Technologies is doing an amazing job by bridging the gap that no one had actually thought of in the prison system. There are so many prisoners that are in need of a way to communicate with their family members, but many prisons are behind the times. It takes innovation for a prison system to keep up with the times. Many people may say that it doesn’t matter if the prisons are updated or not, but even the correction centers will be in need of some type of update.

Securus has become the type of organization that has managed to thrive because the leaders recognized a void and filled it. This company has been able to actually grow and get new leaders because there are so many people that are on the outside that can get accounts. Law enforcement has evolved with new technology for inmate communication monitoring and tracking criminals. I believe that it is only fair that people should be able to communicate with technology as well.

I certainly do think that this has become a very important part of the prison world. So many people find themselves on the outside looking for a way to communicate. I was one of these people. I had friends in multiple prisons, and I needed a way to communicate. It became so much easier when I discovered that this platform was available. I told all of my friends, and many of them have acquired Securus accounts for at-home video visits for family.

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