February 19, 2016

Making New Online Friends With Skout

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International Online Friendship Day And The Skout Community

Very recently, some 23,000 people were polled about their online use and the friendships that they maintain via the web. Those people largely said that they have plenty of people that they consider friends whom they have only met on the web and who they have never had personal encounters with offline. If you are one of these people and want to make sure that you can meet some of your friends, or better yet, have the opportunity to meet brand new friends anywhere you go, you can do this by joining the Skout community.

What is Skout?

The Skout community is vibrantly alive with plenty of people who are just like you. The community is set up with a mobile app that allows you to very quickly make an account and then join the fray of people who are chatting today. It is so easy that you can shake your device and be taken away to a chat right then and there. Unlike some other social media platforms, Skout is set up in a way that finds people in your local and surrounding area. For instance, lets say you are out at a concert and want to begin talking to someone who would be receptive to making a new friend. You could then log on to the Skout app and find people near you who are also at that concert. Aside from being out, you can use the app to begin chatting with people who are in your zip code or all the way across the globe in another country.

There is a lot of opportunity for that, because the app is used by people all over the plan in 180 different countries. You can set up an account with your Facebook or simply log on using your e-mail address when you sign up. You can also take advantage of a function that allows you to be a featured user, so that other people can find you quite easily. Either way, you will be very able to find brand new online friends who can share an experience with you. This app is only growing in popularity and will keep growing the number of people who have online friends who can become just as important between the people that they speak to offline. Make sure that you practice some safety tips also and download the Skout app today.

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