February 17, 2016

Jon Urbana Is A Cultured And Creative Man

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Jon Urbana’s followers probably realize that he is a very athletic individual that really enjoys the great outdoors. Jon Urbana is from Denver, Colorado. Certainly, he had plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors and getting back to nature. However, Urbana is also a very cultured and creative individual. He has a multitude of interests that are the driving force behind his great success. For example, Jon Urbana is a very avid photographer, enjoys writing music in his studio, participates in charity work, and shares news on Tumblr and several other social media sites.

Avid Photographer
Plenty of Jon Urbana’s pictures are posted on Twitter for his followers to view. The pictures are on a wide variety of subjects that Urbana finds interesting. For example, on his blog, The Life of an Entrepreneur (jonurbana.wordpress.com), pictures of still life, cute animals, and interesting natural things in the outdoors. Just take a look at some of his impressive photographs on Instagram.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Music Man
Jon Urbana is first and foremost an exceptional talent that made a name for himself on the lacrosse field. However, Urbana has a real developing interest in the music world. His off hours are spent creating electronic music and mixing songs that he uploads to online sites to share with his numerous followers. Read more here.

Jon Urbana is a very successful former athlete and a successful entrepreneur. He is also a person that believes in giving back to the community. Jon Urbana is an active supporter of Earth Force Inc. and has set up a GoFundMe Page for charitable contributions for the environmental charity. Urbana definitely shares a strong passion for the environment and lends his strong support to the environmental group.

Social Media
Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s Jon Urbana is fully aware of the great impact that social media has on the culture and society in general. This is the number one way to keep up to date on all the great charity work and other events that are happening in his life. Urbana is on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He invites all his friends and fans to follow him on those social media sites.

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