May 10, 2016

Darius Fisher Wins Amazing Marketing Honor

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In co-founding Status Labs, Darius Fisher helped launch a business that would aid well over 1,500 people repair a damaged reputation. Professional careers and personal lives saw a major weight lifted off their collective shoulders thanks to the work of Fisher and his crew.


PR Week has chosen Fisher as a marketing professional deserved of recognition for the work he has done. The prestigious publication has named Fisher to its prized Innovation 50 list.


The Innovation 50 list is designed to showcase those up-and-coming professionals who have achieved great success in digital marketing industry. Reputation management might not automatically be looked at as a form of marketing, but it is. Helping to improve a person’s reputation does entail a tremendous amount of marketing-related strategies. These various strategies have the potential to craft the proper counterbalance to negative content circulating online.


The background of Darius Fisher allows him to approach the task of helping a crisis-suffering client in the right manner.


Darius Fisher has a great deal of public relations, digital marketing, and “fixing” experience. His deep knowledge of digital crisis counseling and management has guided Status Labs to lofty heights. The firm has garnered a lot of attention for the high profile help it delivers to those in need. Quite a few high-profile clients, many from the business world, have been helped by Status Labs’ professional team.


The process does have to be both creative and targeted in order to be effective. Overcoming scores of negative reports and information resources online is hardly easy. Under the leadership and management of Darius Fisher, Status Labs has been able to deliver such results. The company has grown exponentially in a short period of time. Both the Austin and New York offices house a significant number of employees. The increased hiring is a sign of the company’s growth.


And with the right employees on board, Status Labs can continue to serve clients with its innovative digital marketing-oriented reputation help.

More information for Darius:

Twitter: @fisherdarius


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