February 17, 2016

Coriant: Restructuring Leadership. Shaygan Kheradpir The CEO Of Choice!

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Coriant, launched as a component the transmission technology division of German telecom company Siemens, welcomes Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO. The privately owned telecom vendor officially began trading in 2013. It has a head office in the U.S. and two in Germany. Coriant extends a dynamic selection of telecom products ranging from TDM/Cross-Connect solutions, INM (Intelligent Network Management) systems/software, POT (Packet Optical Transport), (OLS) Optical LAN/Broadband Access, OP (Optical Planning) to IP-Edge Routing services.

Network operators depend heavily on Coriant for cutting-edge networking innovations to address critical telecommunication business needs. Telecom partners need specialist services that measure to the fast-paced landscape where cloud-enabled solutions rule. Coriant remains a competitively vigilant in identifying client needs which it embodies in every product design. This telecom vendor focuses on optimizing consumer/business applications, improving multifaceted network resources, increasing revenue stream and reducing operational complexity. Cloud solutions, mobile innovations, and video networking are the three mainstream products of this segment. Today, Coriant extends its sophisticated telecommunication products to network operators across 100+ different countries. Among clients are multinational enterprises, utility companies, fixed-line/mobile service partners, cable MSOs, financial institutions, content specialists, government agencies and data center/cloud operators.

British-born Iranian technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir recently joined Coriant. Prior to joining this booming telecom vendor as CEO, Kheradpir commanded the same office at another industry heavyweight, namely Juniper Networks. Although his time there was brief, Kheradpir spearheaded a series of product development projects. Among these included the IOP (Integrated Operating Plan) which aided the company in cementing crucial cost-cutting margins and restructuring initiatives. With an estimated $160 million budget, Kheradpir returned a generous $3 billion after completing the project.

Kheradpir received an electrical engineering doctoral degree from the elite Cornell University having earned his bachelor’s and master’s earlier. Today, he’s a decorated council member among Cornell University elite engineering ambassadors. GTE which later became Verizon Communications following a merger with Bell Atlantic gave Kheradpir his start. He held numerous executive positions such as president, CIO (Chief Information Officer and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) during his time at the telecom giant. This earned him a distinction and recognition as an elite technology executive, a journey which the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) remarked on. Kheradpir was also a distinguished board member of the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). It’s a position he held for an eventful three years (2010-2013). In addition, he served the New York YMCA Advisory Board, accomplishing crucial community development endeavors over a three-year period (2007-2010).

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